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Unique Perspectives on Education from Innovators Outside Our Field

An interesting fact you may not have noticed about Teach Like a PIRATE…there is not one single other educational book referenced in the entire thing. That’s not because I don’t like other educational books! In fact, I publish them and read them all the time! It’s because the #tlap philosophy was drawn from the outside in. It is a way of looking at the world and saying, “”How can I use that?”

I encourage you to read, listen,…and live WIDE! We can gain unbelievably powerful and useful insights from people in fields outside of what we typically consider “education.” Too many educators have tunnel vision and miss out on the opportunities that are available from connecting with and learning from successful people in diverse fields. We want to be students of excellence and greatness in ALL areas and then apply the insights to what we do in our systems.

That’s why I’m so impressed with the new podcast, StartEDup, with Pure Genius author, Don Wettrick and his former student, Hunter Stone. First of all, how cool is that? A teacher joining forces with his former Innovations class student to create something unique and impactful. Secondly, the caliber of guests that they have attracted to the show is UNBELIEVABLE! And not just the usual guests you are used to hearing making the educational podcast rounds (hey…not that some of the aren’t good, too! *cough *cough). People like SETH GODIN! What? One of my heroes!

All of the episodes are FREE! I listen to podcasts when I exercise, when I clean and do household chores, when I drive, all of those times around the edges of my life when I can easily do something extra to learn and get better. Go to iTunes or SoundCloud and download at least ONE episode today. While you’re there, hit the subscribe button and get the episodes as they are released. I know you will be fascinated by his guests and gain by having access to a different perspective.

Here is my deal. I really want you to go TODAY and listen to one. One of my favorites is Episode 32 with Seth Godin, by the way. Go and download ANY episode and leave a review on iTunes. The first 5 to do that and then leave a comment below will win ANY TWO of our books. All DBC Inc. titles can be found here.

Look at these upcoming guests!!



PS: You don’t have Don’s book??? Don has created one of the most amazing classes I have ever seen. He runs an Innovations class that teaches real world lessons in entrepreneurship and innovation. His students will BLOW you away with what they do. His book Pure Genius tells the story behind building the class and offers insights on how to take ideas like Genius Hour and put them on steroids!

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  1. Great podcast! I listened to Episode 32 like you suggested. Excellent conversation about teacher mindsets and compliance vs innovation.

        • After listening to a few, I am hooked. 32 spoke to me as a teacher and a parent of a high schooler to such an extent I had to come back and post more. With my students I constantly agonize over depth vs. breadth in curriculum and curriculum vs. collaboration and design. With my daughter it’s striking a balance between an appropriate academic work load and making sure she still has time to be a kid. It kills me that my A student needs tutoring for the ACT, but it infuriates me that those kids who can’t afford tutoring will be “left behind” by a ridiculously unfair system. There has to be a better way, starting with non-test universities. I feel like a change is coming, but not soon enough for my daughter.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I was excited to discover one of my favorite writing gurus, Jeff Goins, spotlighted in Passion and Purpose (Episode 46); he led a fantastic writing camp a few years back that taught me so much! I’m looking forward to learning more from all the guests on StartEDUp podcast!

  3. I like the comment on being in education without being in the system. In many ways it is like leading. We are all leading, where to and whom are we leading to what place.

  4. Wow – I can’t wait to listen to these! I don’t know if you hadn’t said Seth Godin, I might not have visited, but Linchpin has to be one of the most impactful books I have ever read, and it lead me to read and follow Seth Godin on a regular basis. He is constantly urging us to be our best selves, contribute more than ever, and to drive change. Thanks for sharing this channel – so happy to have a new resource!

  5. Dave,
    Thanks for sharing!! I downloaded Episode 5 about digital collaboration and left a review!

  6. OK, I subscribed. But holy cow! NOW you tell us about the podcast? I now have 47 episodes to catch up. Road trip! Off to walk the dog and listen to the first one.

      • Oh, if that got you excited, see my response to Craig above. I’m thinking you need to interview Sheryl Sandberg about her book Lean In. I’m reading it now and it is fascinating reading her advice for women in the workplace. But I’m thinking teachers need to take her message into schools. We need to begin to empower girls WELL before they enter the working world. I thought of this when you gave the example, in the 32 podcast of when you asked the kids, which three people they would choose to help them solve a problem.

    • Dog walks are one of my main podcast listening activities!!! Good for me…good for the dogs because it leads to longer walks!

  7. I enjoyed listening to Seth podcast as well as yours. I am so inspired by your work. I’m leading a book study this summer for our school district and I’m excited to help them ignite their passion thank you for what you do.

  8. I subscribed to the podcast and listened to the one you recommended. I enjoyed it. I am always thankful to find another great podcast.

  9. I enjoyed listening and learning from the podcast. The guest speaker gave interesting insight into why it’s important to not quit your job to chase your dream. Jeff Goins spoke about the importance of building a bridge as opposed to taking a leap. It’s essential to plan ahead to ensure that your chances of success will be greater.

  10. Hey, thanks for the nudge to start listening to podcasts. I am listening to Episode 36: Conscious Coaching w/Brett Bartolone’s right now. I see many topics I’m looking forward to hearing! Subscribed, rated, reviewed– I’m now a StartEdUp groupie!

  11. Thanks for sharing these podcasts! I listened to Episode 32- and I plan to listen to several more! I’m excited to learn from these amazing people! I’m a new subscriber 😊

  12. Left my five-star review! Loved episode 41 (Drop Your Old Crowd) – it’s inspired a new lesson plan in my classroom for Anti-Bullying! Happy to have this podcast as part of my PLN now!

  13. Thanks for the suggestion to listen to these Pod Casts. I listened to the one about Coaching and was amazed at how much I learned about kids and the way we can lift them up or sabotage them! I am excited to listen to more!

  14. Great idea for sharing! I checked out the Monday Motivation for this week (a quick listen ;). It was a great topic about offending people in education. Uncomfortable conversations have to be had, and educators cannot just listen to academia. Thanks for the introduction to this podcast!!!

  15. Thank you for bringing the podcasts to my attention! I recently graduated and am constantly looking for advice from seasoned educators. I can’t wait to listen to more!!!

  16. I can’t comment on itunes to leave a review as I listened through FM player on my Android. However, I LOVE podcasts, especially applicable awesome ones! Seth’s episode was excellent, and I jotted notes to remember. Thanks for sharing, and now I’m going to be a long term subscriber!

  17. I just subscribed to the StartEdup podcast and your blog. I just saw Matt Miller today and bought his book. I would love Lead Like a Pirate.

  18. Great episode 47 about offending teachers and administrators.
    Insightful and made me reflect on how little educators know and how close minded they can be

  19. I had never heard of these Pod Casts.. I listened to the one you suggested and am looking forward to making time to listen to another. I appreciate the heads up on innovative ways for educators to increase their knowledge of the profession.

  20. I really enjoyed the Seth Godin episode (Episode 32). System of compliance, the goal of school, the idea of risk taking and grades and how standardized tests aren’t applicable for a real life requiring communication skills and innovation.
    I think they raised good points about the role of parents in educating children the other 16 hours of the day that they aren’t in school; however, I think that the opportunities they mentioned privilege those in the upper and upper-middle classes.

    • Thx Stephanie.
      I agree. That is why Jamal Crook joined our team at StartEdUp. Jamal has been working w/ Title One schools and is driven to provide these types of experiences to inner city schools.

  21. I have been enjoying Don’s podcast this late winter and spring. I really enjoy the guests that he is hosting from outside of the “education” realm. Each episode opens more questions about what my classroom can become and possibilities for my students!

    I am a huge podcast consumer, but haven’t sent the feedback to those hosts how much I am learning from them. I had “write a review” on my to-do list for a couple weeks now, thank you for the motivation Dave!

  22. This is just what I needed for my summer workouts! Thanks for sharing… not sure why I didn’t think of checking out teacher podcasts sooner! I subscribed and am heading to the gym to listen

  23. Thanks for sharing this amazing podcast! I am always looking for educational sites, journals, blogs, and podcasts! I listened to two and am in love! I can’t wait to find time to listen to more!

  24. I listened to Episode #23 on vulnerability – it reminded me that it is important to be human with my students and that our words and actions matter… always. I also want to go watch Elizabeth’s TedTalk now & it encouraged me to recall my previous readings with Brene Brown! Thanks for the resource!

  25. I was so inspired by the Monday Motivators, especially “You Can Be Helpful or You Can Be Jealous.” As a school administrator, I sometimes feel that twinge of jealousy when I see teachers doing something awesome and innovative because I should’ve done it in my own classroom. As my district pairs with Google Monday for an Innovator’s Think Tank, I will definitely be listening to more episodes this weekend.

  26. Thanks for sharing! I listened to the most recent podcast (not counting the 4 minute Monday one). I subscribed right away. Such a great message!

  27. I enjoyed listening to the podcast. I am hoping to find more great podcast Wes to listen to this summer as I prepare for the new year. Thanks for the suggestion!

  28. Can’t wait to listen to the rest of the podcast. I downloaded the most recent one and enjoyed it. I left a review and subscribed via iTunes. Thank you for the recommendation!

  29. Thank you for sharing the StartEdUp podcast. I enjoy listening to podcasts in my commute to work. This one promises to be very interesting.

  30. Thanks for guidance in listening. I listened to Episode 32 (like Dave suggested!!) Creating a culture where we don’t just seek compliance is such a challenge, but one I am so excited about. I love how Seth said “what is this for?” This is such an important conversation, one that my district has been discussing.

    I am so excited about listening to ALL episodes!

  31. Thanks for recommending the StartEdUp podcast! It is awesome and inspiring while being easy to incorporate into my life!!! Podcasts are not something I’ve used before but I am now hooked!

  32. Thank you for introducing me to StartEDUp! What a great and inspirational find for summer listening.

  33. Victorian classrooms and a curriculum befitting to economically productive citizens aka the industrial revolution. Love Seth Godin. Never heard of him before so thanks Pirate Dave. Still can’t believe we’re talking about the 21st century and preparing children for a future no one knows (as we’re 17 years into the new century). Still, of policy makers and educators listened to this podcast, we might create a critical mass (not just early adopters). Peace out Dave Burgess. You rock (saw you at EOS conference last year and you signed ‘Teach like a Pirate.’ Just Reading ‘Lead like a Pirate’. Dare I say this is just as good!!!

    • Wow! Much appreciated, Rob! Glad you are enjoying Lead Like a Pirate, too! Thanks for checking out the podcast…headed back to UK for another EOS this fall!

  34. Well, I started with Start Up Episode 2 There is no they- just to get the chance to win an book and ended up listening to Monday Motivation Episode 46 Passion and Purpose AND Episode 43-the Wisdom of Mothers. I think I am hooked. Thanks!!!

  35. What insightful thoughts on life moves for both young people and older people as well. As a teacher, looking toward retirement, but yet thinking what’s next after retirement. It helps to hear go for your dreams but be thoughtful in your actions and how you approach your next moves in life. Thanks for sharing Dave!

  36. I love the different and varied topics covered by this new podcast. I look forward to adding this one to my subscriptions list!

  37. This is what we desperately need in EDU. Looking outside our underperforming profession. There is so much wisdom in sports, business, Hollywood, writing, the music industry that we should be applying to education.

    I am working on something similar at my site/podcast but definitely will check this out.

    Glad you mentioned Seth Godin. Dave, YOU think outside the box like he advocates. You’ve built a tribe of pirates, you are a purple cow. Those are GREAT things . Students and teachers will remember you for it.

    What are the rest of us doing to stand out? To get our students’ attention?

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