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Everywhere I go, I am so filled with gratitude for the positive reception and feedback that the Teach Like a PIRATE message has received. But, there is probably one question I get more than any other:

“How can I Teach Like a PIRATE using technology?”

Free Ebook from Matt Miller

Free Ebook from Matt Miller

Fortunately, Matt Miller (@jmattmiller) has created a wonderful free ebook that answers that exact question. Even better…it’s completely FREE! Matt has taken 20 hooks straight from Teach Like a PIRATE and shown how you can use free tech tools to add these devastatingly engaging hooks directly into your classroom. This is a wonderful example of how to powerfully integrate technology into your classroom to make it more dynamic, engaging, and creative.

The layout is absolutely beautiful! Please go to Matt’s Ditch that Textbook site, and enter your email to download your free copy. You are going to love it!

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