“Started from bottom now we’re here…”

My path from basketball coach to teacher to professional development speaker to New York Times bestselling author to disruptor of the publishing industry has been a wild ride!!

Overnight success? Not even close! I could tell you stories all day long about the relentless hustling and grinding of the early days…to quote Drake, “Started from the bottom now we’re here!”

Did I do it alone? Nope! A big part of the fun has been the ability to take other amazing educators with us for the ride. Or in other words “…now the whole team here!”

Easy? Hell no…I worked my f***ing ass off! Still do!

I rarely get a chance to talk publicly about the entrepreneurial side of my life so it was a great pleasure to join Don Wettrick on his #StartEDup podcast to discuss more of the business side of what we do here at Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc.. It isn’t the entire story…that may still be coming at some point…but it is a glimpse behind the scenes of how we took our dissatisfaction with the outdated model of the publishing industry and created a disruptive, innovative model that has driven the big publishers crazy and allowed us to run a multi-million dollar business right from a laptop at the kitchen table and the backyard patio table.

It is a story about the importance of cultivating relationships and strong connections. It is a story about focusing on spreading messages rather than selling books. There is a great spirit of reciprocity in the universe. If you build communities, become authentic members of those communities, support those communities, and share prolifically within those communities, the wonderful thing about this world is that those same communities will support you.

I have shared about Don’s podcast before RIGHT HERE. It is special because it is different. Don was the first author to sign with DBC Inc. and it has been a source of great pride to follow his journey since we released his book Pure Genius. Don wants to push you out of your comfort zone and what he has developed with his innovations class is truly incredible. He is a disruptor, a feather ruffler, a kerfuffle creator, and I consider him a friend. I hope you enjoy our conversation. You can listen RIGHT HERE on iTunes or RIGHT HERE on SoundCloud. Go leave a comment on ITunes after you listen and you will be entered to possibly win one of five signed Teach Like a Pirate book prizes.

Enjoy! I would LOVE it if you also tweeted your thoughts to #tlap and #StartEDup and tag or include @burgessdave and @DonWettrick so we are sure to see it.

Thank you!



This is perfect to listen to on a drive, while exercising, or doing household chores! The whole thing is less than an hour long. Go to iTunes or to SoundCloud and download the episode…I really want to know your thoughts! Know anybody else who would enjoy it whether in or out of education? Please share! #gratitude