Horse Algebra Goes Viral!

When a math problem goes completely viral on the internet…I sit up and pay attention. This is an absolutely amazing problem to spark a math discussion in  your class. It looks deceptively simple. Let me tell you something…it isn’t! Don’t get overconfident! Take your time and give it a shot right now!



Do you have an answer???

There is an incredibly HUGE chance that you are WRONG…even if you are supremely confident!!

Thousands…literally THOUSANDS of people across the world have been baffled by this simple problem. I’m not talking about just the general population either…I’m talking about MATH TEACHERS, too!!

It’s an example of a super fun way to spark a spirited debate and discussion about math. As people try to justify their answers it leads down wonderful paths to explore.

If you like this way of thinking…taking viral stories and issues from the world around you and using them in class, you are going to absolutely LOVE Instant Relevance by Denis Sheeran (to be clear, the above example is not from the book)! It is our latest book release and it is not only hilarious, but also filled with practical ways to make learning fun and relevant. Many, but not all, of the examples are from math classrooms. It is much more about a mindset, though, as opposed to the math. Always ask, “How can I use that?”

This could be a great way to spark a conversation at the dinner table, too! In fact, that is exactly what we did last night and the results were unbelievable! Total engagement. Total fun. AND…it was all about math!! For more examples of bringing math home in a fun way, check out this TABLE TALK MATH post.

Wait!!! Are you still reading down here because you want to check your answer????

Where would the fun be in that!! If I just let you scroll down and get the answer it takes you off the hook. The fun is in the journey!

But…I will reiterate…YOU ARE PROBABLY WRONG! Don’t look up the answer to this until you have shown it to at least 5 different people (or all of your classes) and you have seen for yourself how outrageously different the answers will be.

It is INSANE!!

Okay…if you get really desperate to know you can beg in the comment section or hit me up on Twitter at @burgessdave.

Remember! This is a problem to be shared and discussed! Some things are WAY more fun when done with others. (Hey! Relax! I’m talking about MATH!)

Let me know how it goes!


The Innovator’s Mindset MOOC

I’m here to personally invite you to participate in the largest, most innovative educational book study in the history of the world.


I don’t think so.

In less than one year since the release,  The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros has been a complete game changer in education. This book has sparked powerful conversations, prodded people and systems out of complacency, and driven real change in ways that are truly astounding. It is already being used as a text in multiple university education departments and book studies have been conducted literally worldwide. Over 200 people have given it a 5 Star review on Amazon and thousands of books have been sold each month. The positive response to George’s work has been overwhelming. To say that we are proud to be his publisher is an understatement.

But not one to be content with this success, George is creating an opportunity that is truly NEXT LEVEL.

Starting on September 17th, The Innovator’s Mindset MOOC is kicking off an experience that will be unlike anything ever offered in the way of a book study. It is specially designed to not just study the book, but to move way beyond that into implementation and true innovation.

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course and that is exactly what this will be.

Massive: Well over 1,000 educators will be participating by the time this is ready to start.

Open: Anybody can join. Just get the book and use any or all of the various methods to participate. In fact, there are already educators from OVER 18 countries signed up!

Online: There is a Twitter component using the hashtag #IMMOOC, there is a Facebook Group, a blog site, and there will even be YouTube Live interviews with influential educators. Can’t make it at the time of the live video? No problem…all of them will be archived and shared!

Course: This so much MORE than a book study. It is a truly a fully developed 6 week course put together by George and the amazing, innovative educator, Katie Martin (@KatieMTLC). Every participant is also encouraged to share their learning using blogs and/or video and to develop an innovation project. (Want to follow the writings of fellow participants? Here is how.) This is not about surface level platitudes…this about diving in DEEP and making a true impact!!!

Please share this opportunity with everyone you know and prod, push, and cajole educators in your system to join you! This could be exactly what your leadership group needs to change the conversation and truly shift the paradigm to one of true innovation. As George says in The Innovator’s Mindset, “Change is the opportunity to do something cw34er7wqaeo1zt-jpg-largeamazing.” Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Read all details on the blog right HERE or go STRAIGHT TO THE SIGN UP PAGE HERE!