Is Creative Work REALLY Worth the Time in the Classroom?

Brilliant guest post & video from #DitchBook #DitchHW author, Matt Miller

You know you’ve either thought this or heard someone say it before. All of this increased focus on making, designing, and creating takes a tremendous amount of instructional minutes…and there is SO much to cover! Is it time well spent? Is there a payoff?

We’ve all been there. We want to feel like we can justify our decision to include it.

Matt Miller to the rescue! I love Matt and his work. He is the author of Ditch That Textbook and the co-author (with Alice Keeler) of Ditch That Homework and we are poud to be his publisher. In this short but fantastic 4 minute video he tackles this tough question and lays out an argument defending creativity in the classroom.

Here’s Matt:

It’s a fair question. I’ve heard similar questions to this at teaching conferences, in discussions, and versions of it on social media.

I’ve even thought it myself.

“This creative work takes a lot of time. Does it really give a return on all of that investment?

There’s plenty of evidence that points to YES … and it’s a skill that kids will need for the world they’ll face in the future.

I created this video to make my case for creative work in the classroom. I hope you love it!

Wow!! Thanks, Matt! Not only do I love the points he makes, I also love the video sketchnoting! Using creativity to defend creative work…yes! Spectacular! Be sure to sign up for Matt’s email list at and follow his YouTube channel for more great videos that he will be releasing.

Go do something creative….it’s worth your time, too!


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2 thoughts on “Is Creative Work REALLY Worth the Time in the Classroom?

    I believe creative learning also promotes Long Term Recall. In my limited 25+ yrs. teaching 8th grade science, former students now in their 30’s readily/easily recall technical science learning they achieved during creative learning experiences. Believe your three sited reasons are Spot-On!
    Thanks for this great presentation! It is truly meaningful & Powerful!

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