The Innovator’s Mindset Audiobook has Landed!

Audiobooks have dramatically increased in popularity over the last several years and it’s easy to see why. They allow amazing flexibility and the opportunity to capture time around the edges of life that is often wasted. I love listening to audiobooks and podcasts while I drive, exercise, or work around the house and yard.

Many people who love our books have contacted us requesting that we release some of our titles in an audio format. We are incredibly excited to announce that the first DBC Inc. audiobook is officially available and what better way to start than with the groundbreaking book, The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros. Better yet, George came to San Diego to record the book in-studio and the 5+ hours of recordings are all professionally produced and you will feel like George is right there talking to you. It was my honor to come to the studio and get a chance to personally record my foreword for the book, as well. You can get the Audible version by clicking RIGHT HERE

As I type this, the Audible version is the #1 best-selling book in Educational Administration on Amazon. I can’t wait for you to listen to it and see how powerful and transformative this message is!! No matter whether you have already read the book or not, here is your opportunity to really dive in and take advantage of this new format. I can’t wait for you to listen to it!!

Please let us know what you think of this project and our decision to add audiobooks to our line!! Maybe Teach Like a Pirate and some of our other titles will be coming down the pike soon, too!



PS: Don’t have Audible? Audible gives you a free download of a title when you sign up! Get The Innovator’s Mindset as your first title RIGHT HERE!




Is Creative Work REALLY Worth the Time in the Classroom?

Brilliant guest post & video from #DitchBook #DitchHW author, Matt Miller

You know you’ve either thought this or heard someone say it before. All of this increased focus on making, designing, and creating takes a tremendous amount of instructional minutes…and there is SO much to cover! Is it time well spent? Is there a payoff?

We’ve all been there. We want to feel like we can justify our decision to include it.

Matt Miller to the rescue! I love Matt and his work. He is the author of Ditch That Textbook and the co-author (with Alice Keeler) of Ditch That Homework and we are poud to be his publisher. In this short but fantastic 4 minute video he tackles this tough question and lays out an argument defending creativity in the classroom.

Here’s Matt:

It’s a fair question. I’ve heard similar questions to this at teaching conferences, in discussions, and versions of it on social media.

I’ve even thought it myself.

“This creative work takes a lot of time. Does it really give a return on all of that investment?

There’s plenty of evidence that points to YES … and it’s a skill that kids will need for the world they’ll face in the future.

I created this video to make my case for creative work in the classroom. I hope you love it!

Wow!! Thanks, Matt! Not only do I love the points he makes, I also love the video sketchnoting! Using creativity to defend creative work…yes! Spectacular! Be sure to sign up for Matt’s email list at and follow his YouTube channel for more great videos that he will be releasing.

Go do something creative….it’s worth your time, too!


Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

A #tlap greeting from the edu-pirate captain

I always know when it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day because my phone lights up like a Christmas tree from the moment I wake up in the morning (actually a few hours before I wake up) until the moment I go to sleep.

Is it annoying?

Absolutely NOT!!! I love it.

It is a sign of how far this edu-pirate movement has come and I’m honored that people think of me and that movement whenever they come across a pirate reference in the world around them. We are filled with gratitude for this community and for the connections that we have made with incredible educators all over the world.

You inspire us to want to be better…thank you!

I made this short (3 min 24 sec) video to wish you a happy Talk Like a Pirate Day and also highlight all 6 of our “pirate” books. In truth, everything we publish at DBC, Inc. is a pirate book even if it isn’t in the title. We don’t send it off into the world unless we feel comfortable putting the pirate head logo on the back.

Enjoy the video! (Fair warning: I don’t talk like a pirate!)

Find the books right here:

Teach Like a Pirate: Amazon Barnes & Noble

Learn Like a Pirate: Amazon Barnes & Noble

Explore Like a Pirate: Amazon Barnes & Noble

Play Like a Pirate: Amazon Barnes & Noble

Lead Like a Pirate: Amazon Barnes & Noble

P is for Pirate: Amazon Barnes & Noble

As always…thanks for your support!!