The Wild Card SMASHES records!

Sharing great news and sincere #gratitude

I am filled with gratitude for the support this community has shown our
messages and our authors. That’s why I had to share some amazing news…this past week has been a record-setting week for DBC Inc. with the runaway best-selling release of The Wild Card by Hope and Wade King of the Ron Clark Academy.

I have never seen anything like it…the buzz and early reviews have been insane.

It went into the top 10 new releases on Amazon…out of ALL BOOKS on their site!! It went to well under 100 in best selling books on their site and, again, that is out of ALL books…not just education.

At the same time, it went to under 50 in the best selling books on Barnes & Noble. Incredible!

If you enjoyed Teach Like a Pirate, you are going to LOVE this book. If you haven’t had a chance to pick it up, we would be honored if you gave it a read.  You can get it on AMAZON RIGHT HERE or at BARNES & NOBLE RIGHT HERE.

I think you will be inspired by their story and walk away with a ton of useful ideas you can immediately implement in your classroom.

The Premise? Students don’t get to choose the cards they get in life. Every kid has to play the hand their dealt. But…you, as their teacher, can #BeTheWildCard!! Powerful message and filled with inspiration and hard-hitting teaching strategies to move you to the next level for your kids.

Thanks again for your support!! This community fills me with great hope for our profession. Keep fighting the good fight for kids!!


P.S. Please let us know what you think of The Wild Card when you get it and we would love to see a picture in the #BeTheWildCard and #tlap hashtags on Twitter!

Teach Like a PIRATE Sketchnotes

Celebrate World Sketchnote Day! #snday2018

Sketchnoting is a powerful way to visually and graphically document ideas. It improves retention, helps draw meaning, allows an opportunity for content to be processed in different ways, and…is also just plain fun.

In honor of World Sketchnote Day (#snday2018), I would love to share the amazing work of Monica Spillman from Rome, Georgia. Monica read Teach Like a PIRATE and then created 3 BEAUTIFUL sketchnotes…one for each section of the book. Enjoy!!

Here is her #tlap Part I Sketch:


Here is Part II:

And Part III:

Thank you, Monica!! Your work is AMAZING…I absolutely love how you have visually represented my book and I really appreciate your willingness to allow me to share these brilliant sketchnotes with the world.

Want to learn more about sketchnoting?

Here is a beginner’s guide video from sketchnote rockstar, Carrie Baughcum:


Still want more? Ditch That Textbook author and Ditch That Homework co-author, Matt Miller, wrote a blog titled, Sketchnoting 101, For Those With Little Artistic Talent. That would definitely describe me!!

Here is a sketch Matt did of the Teach Like a Pirate hooks:

Check out all the action on Thursday, 1/11/2018, in the #snday2018 hashtag and also in Monica’s and Carrie’s #PassTheSketchnote hashtag!

Have an amazing day! And, if you do, sketch it for us!



I’m a fan of the distinct style of Julie Woodard‘s sketchnotes, as well. Below are 2 examples from her. One she did for a Lead Like a PIRATE blog post on the 5 steps to lead change and one for Kids Deserve It on the 10 things kids deserve.



#tlapGIFT is ON!

Over $1,200 of DBC Inc. book prizes in 2 days!!

2017 has been an incredible year for us and we owe it all to YOU! Thank you so much for your support of our authors, books, and the communities we have built around these powerful messages. We are honored to work with all of our authors to help them spread their incredible work, disrupt the status quo in education, and build empowering connections to educators out doing the REAL work. That’s you!

As a small token of our appreciation, we are going to give away over $1,200 of books over the next two days!! On Sunday (12/24) and Monday (12/25) tweet a picture of a DBC book into the #tlapGIFT hashtag and that enters you to win. We would LOVE it if you included the #tlap hashtag, the hashtag for the book you are taking a picture of…oh…and tag the author/authors. I’m sure they would love to see it!!

It can be a selfie with the book or just the book…feel free to pose it in a cool holiday way if you want!! And…if it happens to be touching your face, join the fun and put it in the #DBCBookFaceClub hashtag, too! I know, I know…kinda crazy, but our books feel silky!

On Tuesday (12/26), we will use a random number generator to choose 6 winners…you MUST be in the #tlapGIFT hashtag to be counted!

The first 5 will win their choice of 3 Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. books…you pick them and we ship them right to your door. (Find all of our books RIGHT HERE)

The 6th number will lead us to the GRAND PRIZE winner. This winner will get a package from us of every single book we currently publish!!! That is 36 books!! Already have a bunch of them? Give the duplicates away and spread the love!

Wait!!!! There are 35 books up on our website and I said we would send 36. Hmmmm.

That’s because we will also send you our next book…not even available until 1/8/18…and it is INCREDIBLE!!! The Wild Card by Hope King and Wade King of The Ron Clark Academy is available for preorder now on Amazon RIGHT HERE and on Barnes & Noble online RIGHT HERE!!! It is going to be a smash hit…it ships to all preorders on 1/8/18. You don’t want to miss this one!

Okay!! #tlapGIFT is ON!! I can’t wait to see your DBC book picture tweets and good luck to all who enter!! Contest ends at midnight PST on Monday night.



Don’t forget the #tlapGIFT hashtag and I’m serious about checking out The Wild Card…it is going to be huge.